Stadtwerk Hassfurt hosted 3 eCREW workshops

With the last of three introduction workshops on Sept. 22nd 2022 the eCREW fieldtest for the German Lighthouse Area Hassfurt has officially started.

105 of Stadtwerk Hassfurt´s clients have been acquired for being part of the 10 local energy communities. More than 50 have registered for the workshops and used the opportunity to get personally in touch with the other participants and share experiences and opinions. During the workshops SWH project manager Lukas Albert provided a general overview about the latest legal framework conditions and an in-depth description, how to register for the eCREW Portal and make the best out of its particular features. “We very appreciate the great commitment of all clients, who are supporting our project.” Lukas Albert pointed out in the end of the last workshop. “Now, we will stay in close contact in order to collect the immediate feedback and – together with all eCREW partners – improve the usability and reliability of the platform and further tools to be developed.”

Find further information (in German) here:

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