eCREW research project: The initial phase is approaching

An article about eCREW in EW Spezial 1/2021 magazine by GreenPocket in collaboration with Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz and Stadtwerk Hassfurt GmbH.

“With the beginning of 2022 the field test phase with the first pilot communities within the eCREW project is going to start. The project which started last year encourages the expansion and trade of renewable energies between households, thus, achieving a more efficient and more self-sufficient use of energy sources.

Stadtwerk Haßfurt is one of the utilities that participates in the eCREW project in close cooperation with the Energy Institute Linz and the software expert GreenPocket. While the energy supplier is gathering important information from the registered households to generate the best possible composition of CREWs, GreenPocket is working at full speed to further develop its software with the implementation of new functionalities. The creation of those groups is also a new data analytical field for the software expert which will also enable further innovative application cases for the future.

According to Lukas Albert from Stadtwerk Haßfurt the eCREW project allows the company to offer their customers added value in the form of shared electricity use and also enables them to take a further step towards climate neutrality.”

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