eCREW will use the “Energy Cockpit” from GreenPocket as the tool for transparency and interaction between the utility and the customer and within the community webs. The GreenPocket Energy Cockpit is an intuitive, user-friendly solution with various features to always have an eye on the energy consumption and to derive potential savings – for example by comparing the consumption to other households or by switching off inefficient appliances.

With its gamification elements the app verifiably reduces the churn rate and improves not only the customer engagement but also the customer satisfaction. Furthermore the app is fairly simple to integrate into existing systems which keeps the costs low. The Energy Cockpit is the tool for the communities to have a comprehensive overview of their generated and consumed energy, to compare with other communities and to increase their autarky.


Intuitive dashboard
The most important data for residential customers is presented in a clear and intuitive way on the easy-to-use dashboard.

All commodities and counters at a glance
Residential customers can easily track their electricity and gas consumption, optionally the visualization also shows the commodities for heat and water.

Automatic alarms
Residential customers can see whether they have to pay more or get a repayment. They can flexibly set own limits and be alerted automatically if the consumption reaches this limit.


Individual analyses
The own generation, feed-in, and energy consumption are displayed on the analysis pages for the individual commodities. By analyzing historical data, the residential customers gain deeper insights of their consumption.

Comparisons with historical data
Residential customers can estimate their own energy consumption better thanks to easy comparisons with the previous period or historical average values.


Comparison with similar households
Thanks to smart algorithms, a household can compare itself with similarly equipped households to estimate and adapt their consumption. The benchmarking feature shows if a customer is efficient or inefficient compared to the similar households.

Device disaggregation
A single household can specify up to 20 household characteristics in order to obtain the individual costs and display individual consumption of the top 5 household appliances.


Renewable Energies
With the generation dashboard residential customers can see how effective their sustainability measures are, since the energy cycle shows the current energy flows, feed-in, purchase and own consumption.

The generation of the whole crew
If a household belongs to a crew, the generation dashboard will also include an overview of the generation, purchase and feed-in of the whole crew, as well as information about the crew such as number members or renewables. Thus residential customers get a comprehensive overview of costs, savings and degree of autarky within the crew.

E-mobility & heat pump
Electric cars and heat pumps can be added and displayed in the electricity flow as required.


Customer loyalty thanks to gamification
With gamification, consumers can optimize their own energy consumption and thus also reduce costs. In particular, the daily betting game enables customers to learn about their daily consumption and, in case of a deviation, to compensate virtually for excessive consumption. This creates greater customer loyalty.

Energy saving tips for more trust
Residential customers can reduce their energy consumption even further by participating in time-based discount promotions offered by the energy provider, which in turn controls consumption behavior and shifts consumption peaks.

Campaigning tool
Residential customers benefit from exclusive offers, strengthening not only customer satisfaction but also customer loyalty. Discount campaigns can be sent to households via push messages or e-mails, increasing trust in the energy supplier.


Registration & maintenance of customer data
Access to the portal is absolutely secure and compliant with the GDPR. Two-factor authentication ensures that only customers with the correct identification data can access the portal. Customers can enter and change their contact data themselves – hence customer data is always up-to-date. This keeps support costs low.

Efficient administration
With the administration tools utilities can reduce their operating and support costs. In addition to a comprehensive overview of users and meters, it can be used as an effective means of expanding user support. Irregularities in the supply of consumption data are also reliably presented.


Support of digital & smart meters
The software is compatible with both smart meters (iMSys) and digital meters (mME). A conversion to smart meter can be requested via the portal.

Legally compliant
The software is fully compliant and meets all requirements of the smart meter rollout. All legally required tariff application cases (TAF 1, TAF 2, TAF 6, TAF 7 etc.) are supported.

The portal can be adapted completely to the corporate design of the energy supplier and can, if desired, also be integrated into the own CSS portal.