Digital Solutions for Energy Communities and its Users

eCREW was invited on 7th March 2023 to give a presentation of the business model and eCREW-concept and share insights of the lighthouse community status. Since the event targeted digital solutions eCREW was a good additional input for the participants resulting in great discussions. The main focus of the discussions were the technological developments for energy community, the user-needs, obstacles and co-creations; the benefits of energy communities and the future of energy communities, policy recommendations and mediation for energy utilities and energy communities for a better integration in the energy system and trust building between the entities.

Elaborating a bit on the different situations in the EU countries was yet another interesting part of the event. During the breakout session, we were able to brainstorm and discuss using the miró board to collect all the inputs. Once again we saw how valuable it is to share our project results with other sister projects and the gain we all experience because of it.

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