eCREW at Sustainable Places 2022

The eCREW-project was presented online at the 2022 Sustainable Places Conference on the 8th of September 2022 by Johannes Slacik from EI-JKU. We chose the workshop of “Service Integration and Smart Contracting” since an important aspect of our business model is the actual integration of decentralized energy systems. The concept and opportunity for energy companies to connect with their clients leading the way by creating virtual energy communities came across very well and we could show how the eCREW incentive system fosters the CREW energy flows from PV-panels.

Our Lighthouse Communities already show enablers and barriers that were discussed in this workshop, mainly focusing on the various regulatory frames in the different EU-countries and the implementation process of the digital platform. Workshop participants were very interested and had some questions which were posted in the chat. Due to workshop time delays we were not able to address the single questions but suggested to stay in touch via email. The resonance, however, was impressive.

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