Material from eCREW digital event is now available!

eCREW participated in the online workshop of 26th April with 8 other H2020 projects  (EC²BECoopDECIDE, UP-STAIRSCOME RESNEWCOMERS, W4RES, PowerPoor) addressing the establishment of thriving energy communities.

During the event 18 tools developed by the 9 projects in order to assist the setting up and growth of energy communities were presented. The tools were divided in three groups to make sure stakeholders know where to go when they have a need, based on which stage of developing a community energy initiative an actor is:

  1. Inform yourself – Prior to starting a community energy initiative – understanding the basic concepts, researching and information collection
  2. Test your market, your ideas, technologies – Organising and planning a community energy initiative – testing the market, which technologies to use, which business model and legal framework and how others have been doing
  3. Lets act – get people involved and grow – Growing and improving an existing community initiative – Getting more people involved, engaging different social groups, data and energy sharing, one-stop shops.

Download the briefing – a 2-pager with short description of all tools and projects 

Find in the attachments the introduction and keynote presentations and the presentations from the three groups of tools.

Watch the full event here!

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